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Visions: Holiday Loans

Visions, a federal credit union with more than 210,000 members in three states, has a “Holiday Loan” they offer annually. And each year, ABC Creative comes up with a fresh concept to continuously build on the previous campaign’s success.

This particular year, Visions was offering six different rates and terms for what is essentially a personal loan. That’s a lot of choices, which made sense to the creative team who decided the holidays were full of lots of decisions.

From which ugly sweater to wear to what food to cook, there are endless choices during the holiday season. ABC took this idea and adapted to all kinds of media that revolved around a broadcast commercial in which a typical dad-type man has to make numerous, humorous choices.


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The print ads included each of these and a couple more. A radio spot and digital ads also encouraged target audiences to “make an easy decision at Visions.” Everything pointed to an ABC-developed landing page that mirrored the messaging and offered all the benefits of a holiday loan versus credit in an editorial style.

The campaign capitalizing on inevitable holiday spending again exceeded client goals and expectations, just as the Holiday Loan does each year.