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Visions: Holiday Loans

Visions Federal Credit Union, a financial institution with more than 210,000 in three states, had a timely product it needed to sell during the holidays. ABC billed these personal loans as “holiday” loans, but that wasn’t the only tactic to generate applicants.

ABC created a competition between these loans and store credit cards, which promise low introductory rates in an attempt to get holiday shoppers to rack up debt. The interest rates then skyrocket, leaving the consumer in a precarious financial position.

Not with a holiday loan, which ABC framed as the perfect solution for a time when spending can easily spiral out of control. The loan offered several benefits, including the laying out of a budget. ABC took these selling points and placed them in the ring of a faux fight between the two options.

A content activation campaign complemented radio, print and digital video assets that led to goal-busting results.