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Visions: Onboarding Campaign

Visions Federal Credit Union is one of the largest financial institutions of its kind in the country. Our longtime client wanted to welcome new members to take advantage of the explosive growth the credit union has had experienced in recent years.

This onboarding is critical to the credit unions success, which relies on revenue generated from its services far more than what’s in members’ savings account. So, ABC developed a “kit” that would make new members aware of Visions’ unique commitment to their communities and services as well.

This carefully assembled suite of marketing materials started with a print piece thick with content that told a story about community-focused programming like Visions Cares, Visions Veterans and Visions Loves Educators, all initiatives that ABC had a hand in developing. The collateral – which included with visual nods to communities in Visions’ three-state footprint – also outlined a slew of financial products and new member-exclusive bonuses for using them.

We developed a version for indirect loan recipients – essentially those buying cars from dealerships that use Visions for financing. This audience would have no idea who Visions is and the content had to reflect that.

Whether they signed up or incidentally became Visions members, they were also enrolled in a postcard campaign that trickled the same financial products and bonuses to them by mail. Each reinforced the print piece they would have already received upon signup with the credit union.

The kit and postcard promotion advertised a trackable promo code to be used when applying for financial products like mortgages, personal loans, credit cards or checking accounts.