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6 Ingredients Every Good Video Should Have


We have a problem. With the advancement of our everyday devices, anyone can create a “video.”

Anyone can pull out their phone and record an event or even stream something live to the internet instantly. This accessibility has flooded the online world with tons of awful content and, even worse, has flooded the minds of professionals that this is an acceptable way to market a business.

Isn’t your story worth more than that? Would you rather have a thousand videos viewed once, or one video viewed thousands of times?

One video that is compelling; a video that leaves an impression; a video that tells YOUR story. That video requires a few special ingredients.

Quality Audio

Achieving quality audio doesn’t stop at a fancy microphone. There are thousands of things to consider before capturing sound. Audio should not be an afterthought, it’s important to understand that bad audio ruins beautiful footage.

Compelling Video

B-roll isn’t simply about capturing your surroundings. Video should be treated as a tool and used to create a unique perspective for the viewer. The setting is such an important piece of any good story.

Post Production Know-How

Software know-how and expertise do not come easy. Professional-level video and audio editing software require a language of their own and their capabilities separate a professional video from a shabby home video.

Stability & Focus

A tripod seems like a simple mechanism, but using one effectively is a lot more difficult than it seems. Adding in tools like sliders, jibs and cranes adds new dimensions to a video and engages the audience.

A Story

What is a video without a story? Videos take immense planning and research. With the average viewer being constantly stimulated by other sources, it is important to consider what message will stick through all of the other media noise. Video uses two senses, sight and sound, this unique aspect of the craft can be utilized to further tell a story.


Why do those videos of a tropical paradise pull you in? Achieving that beauty isn’t just the work of the camera. Different color styles and post production effects help aid the beauty of the shot. These techniques take years to learn and much longer to master.

These examples are merely scratching the surface of how to create a video that is worth watching. Video is an art form that requires equal parts creativity and science. These ingredients aren’t found on a phone, tablet or webcam.

Those devices have their place in social media and every marketing professional should be using them. However, nothing tells your story louder or clearer than a polished composition. Consideration of all these technical aspects of video production along with professional support is the best way to get the important job of storytelling done.

About The Author

Jordan has been capturing video since his teenage days when his family and friends were his main viewers. He expanded that audience considerably using his talents to tell stories on a popular local news station before joining the agency ranks.

Now he uses an impressive combination of technique and creativity to cast brands in an engaging light. His well-trained eye is also evident in the urban exploration and photography of abandoned spaces he tends to partake in on the weekends.

Jordan is well-trained as well with an undergraduate degree in mass communications that complements his experience.