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Gaining the Millennial Stamp of Approval on Social Media


Engrossed in technology and well versed in the over-played marketing anthem, millennials can smell insincerity from a mile away and one artificial move from your company could be death for your brand.

Establishing authenticity and a cohesive brand voice across all social media platforms is essential in establishing trust and loyalty from millennials.

With the constant exposure to media, millennials have already witnessed the major missteps and triumphs of brands, resulting in a different set of expectations for advertisers.

With an aversion to traditional marketing methods, millennials seek relatability and authenticity from a brand. According to the 2014 Nielson Report, the top values of millennials are family, philanthropy, society, the environment and community. Use that to your advantage.

Highlight the core values and unique sentiments of your brand and create a sense of consistency across media platforms.

Start by rediscovering your organization’s roots.

What is your mission? What sets you apart from the competitor? Does your brand support any philanthropies or causes?

Answering these questions can dig up authentic content that will earn the trust of your audience and make a brand more relatable.

Even the largest corporations have a small-town story.

Take Walmart for example, which boasts “What started as a single discount store and the simple idea of selling more for less, has grown to the largest retailer in the world.” I guarantee that if one of the largest corporate giants can form a modest background story, then so can you.

Establish the tone and jargon of your brand.

Whether your brand voice is educational and serious or witty and fun, creating content that is cohesive and consistent is key to winning over the millennial generation. The internet is not 9-5, and your brand can’t be either.

Having a set of standards for your brand voice will help streamline content creation without compromising consistency. But always opt for quality posts over mass-produced quantity.

Incorporate relevant news stories into your feed.

With your brand values in mind, take a stance on appropriate media topics. A company that supports going green may chime in when a new eco-friendly bill has passed, for example. Or perhaps a brand that supports LGBT rights will invite their followers to join them at a pride parade.

When consumers look at a social media feed, it should tell a story about what the company stands for and the values it supports. Research what your specific millennial audience is into and find a way to organically incorporate that into your feed.

Utilize social media to connect to your target market.

Brands are rejected by millennials when they focus primarily on selling the product – consider the car salesmen stereotype. Instead of appearing pushy or too eager, market the aspects of the brand that differentiate you from competitors.

Don’t fear the platform, conquer it.

Even a social media novice will learn, in time, how best to navigate the digital realm. Every brand’s following is different, so a “one size fits all” solution does not apply.

Allow your brand to grow with your following, become resilient and adapt to your target market. If you see a trend and it applies, jump on it! Social media is meant to be fun.

Establishing an authentic brand voice and positive image will come with time, so be patient. Gary Vaynerchuk wasn’t built in a day.

About The Author

Abby came to ABC as an intern only to return and emerge as a social media, content development and PR powerhouse.

She was turned onto marketing and its cultural influence as an avid social media user and now channels her knowledge of those platforms to craft consistent messaging and engaging content.

The public relations degree-holder moonlights as a foodie and fan of all things Syracuse, from the eateries to the sports teams. Abby appreciates the family dynamic at ABC, where she can exercise her creativity in a collaborative setting.