Pop-Up Videos – Not a ’90s Thing

We all remember those horrible pop-up videos from VH1 right? And now that we brought it up, you probably can’t get the jingle out of your head. Sorry.

Well pop-up videos kind of died for a bit, but now advertising is bringing them back! You’re welcome.

You’ve all heard of YouTube, but you’re probably starting to see even more digital videos incorporated into online advertising and banner ads as you browse the Web. It’s nothing real new, however it is starting to become an amazing vehicle to deliver messaging for brands and gaining in popularity.

Brands are now able to use video pre-roll they call it on the network. So instead of a static banner ad or even an animated banner ad that scrolls your message, brands can now use their commercials or promotional videos to target their ideal customer. Whether that be geographically or even behaviorally.

Yep, we said behaviorally – so what that really means is: Say you’re a 40-year-old male who has two kids at home. You love playing golf and you are actually looking to book that trip to Pebble Beach this spring.

Behavioral targeting allows us to deliver you tourism commercials that conveniently highlight Pebble Beach no matter where you might be on the Web.

Once a brand identifies its true target market, you should tap into the video pre-roll network where a user clicks to play a video they want to watch. The viewer has to watch 15 seconds before they can skip. So this means you’ll want to make sure you’re grabbing their attention right away!

Well, we’ve successfully done this for several clients already and it’s proving to be a huge success as part of their marketing mix. It’s getting the message in front of the exact audience, it’s capturing that audience’s attention in the format of a vibrant video (which we can produce and edit right here in house), and it’s driving traffic to target websites that ultimately get conversions.

About the Author

Jamie knows how to deliver outstanding account service to ABC clients. After all, she used to be one. Jamie started her career as chief marketing officer at a financial institution, where she hired ABC to take on a multimedia campaign. Impressed by the creative concepts, strategy and results, she developed a relationship that would last until the bank grew and was eventually purchased. When Jamie decided to transition back to marketing after a few years in higher education fundraising, she knew that ABC would make a good fit for her personality and talents. As the chief executive in charge client relations at ABC, she oversees all account service, including media buying, social media management and public relations. Jamie’s varied background in executive and nonprofit leadership as well as ownership of her own small business has helped elevate ABC account service from exceptional to exemplary. She shares the passion and vision of ABC’s clients, advocating for their brands, approaching them with new ideas and assuring all projects stay on time and budget.