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5 Enhancements You Can Make to Your Website Now


For all the work they take to create, websites have a pretty short shelf life. New tech and new trends keep web developers on their toes and elevate user expectations on the daily.

But, there are ways to keep up. Even if your site’s just a couple years old, there’s likely room for improvement. Thankfully, there are a few upgrades you can make today just by building around your existing infrastructure.

Convert Your Site to a Progressive Web App

Start by looking at speeds. Users tend to bounce if your website isn’t loading on-demand. Progressive web apps, or PWAs, ensure your site loads faster and caches content quicker. Your site can even be viewed offline with PWA technology, which essentially transforms a website into an app.

Utilize Web Caching

This one’s another method for making your site speedier. We won’t get into the nerdy nuts and bolts of this one. Essentially, this tech places content closer to the user and significantly reduces load time.

Create a Video Header

Motion means conversion when it comes to this web trend that’s actually stuck around for several years now. Studies show video on web pages are more likely to engage eyeballs and induce clicks. Consider replacing static header graphics with a little movement.

Use a Pop-Up to Increase Leads

Yeah, they’re annoying. But, lead generation pop-ups work. The simple addition of an email-capturing form on your home page or certain content within your site can build you a captive audience in a hurry.

Redesign Your Website

These are some relatively quick fixes, but if your website is a few years old then it’s probably time for a complete redesign. As mentioned, things change by the day in the digital world. Every organization is competing for attention and the No. 1 way to reach your audience is with that 24/7 presence we call a website. Stay friendly with your users and ahead of your competition with a frequently fresh look and renewed conversion strategy.

About The Author

With a love for web development and a knack for creative, Jon creates exceptional websites and digital media for ABC clients.

Jon transforms any content into one-of-a-kind sites that are responsive to both users and our clients. Here, he is able to effectively showcase his outstanding technical and creative abilities.

A natural web guru, Jon’s past experience includes creative media development and freelancing for several marketing firms. ABC fits his passion for the design and tech that advance organizations and brands.