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Influencers Are ‘Taking Over’


In tourism, nothing tells (and sells) a destination quite like images and videos. Travel, after all, is a theater of sight and sound working in concert to create an experience. Image- and video-driven social media provide the ultimate platform to preview these engaging and enticing displays.

The modern social media landscape is also influencer-driven. Influencer marketing organically implements endorsements and advertisements from those who have a large following. As social media strategists, we target influencers because of their power to reach an audience through blogs and social networks.

One of the most effective and interactive ways to utilize travel influencers is through a social media takeover. A takeover is when your organization gives an influencer account access for a set period. It’s a great way to engage an audience within social campaigns.

Before you start the takeover, you need an idea and a plan. What are your needs and what are you trying to accomplish through the takeover? As an agency, we then research influencers. Using PR software, we can pinpoint influencers who align directly with client goals. We then, pitch the idea.

A typical tourism-focused takeover can last a day or two depending on the itinerary. During the takeover, the influencer will chronicle about their experience through photos, vlogs or podcasts. The influencer also uses their social account at the same time to drive traffic to the client’s producing mutual benefit.

In a recent takeover campaign, we saw very positive results for the client. Our engagement rate went up 412 percent. That means likes, comments, and shares on the stories or in-feed posts during the Instagram takeover gained a great amount of attention. The account gained 6,388 impressions and around 50 followers within the time frame just of 24 hours.

With a takeover, the audience can feel as if they are right there seeing and hearing everything with the influencer bringing a destination’s experience to life. After the takeover, we collaborate with the influencer to create an article or blog that expands on their journey.

As we strive to tell stories in destination marketing, it helps to have some outside perspectives, and the content they create not only achieves that, but sets up future engagement with new followers/potential visitors.

About The Author

Abby came to ABC as an intern only to return and emerge as a social media, content development and PR powerhouse.

She was turned onto marketing and its cultural influence as an avid social media user and now channels her knowledge of those platforms to craft consistent messaging and engaging content.

The public relations degree-holder moonlights as a foodie and fan of all things Syracuse, from the eateries to the sports teams. Abby appreciates the family dynamic at ABC, where she can exercise her creativity in a collaborative setting.