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CRM Should Stand for Customer Relationship Marketing

When people think of a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool, they think “sales.” If that’s the case, then you’re doing it wrong. Yes, this is where they can manage and analyze all customer/prospect data – a repository for all the information that their sales team needs to be successful and a place where they can…
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Land Your Next Sale with These Five Idea-Based Tips

Idea-based sales? If your sales are growing, you may be using it without calling it that. Idea-based sales essentially means you’re not just selling without a strategy. You aren’t just opening up the phonebook and dialing without knowing anything about who you are calling or why you chose to call them. In other words, you’re…
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Creative Sales? Yep, We Do That

Recently we decided to add a much-needed service to our advertising and marketing services lineup. While still maintaining our philosophy of “idea first,” we found that clients are looking for a little more “after idea” results. Enter our idea-based sales model. Step one for us has always been research: client interviews, employee interviews, customer interviews…
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