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NY Traveler Intentions Post-Quarantine

Like many of our fellow tourism industry professionals, we made a lot of assumptions about post-pandemic travel. How would these unprecedented times affect traveler decisions, intentions and when could we expect them to act on those? ABC Creative Group has been doing destination marketing for nearly two decades and we’re just as invested in successful…
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CRM Should Stand for Customer Relationship Marketing

When people think of a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool, they think “sales.” If that’s the case, then you’re doing it wrong. Yes, this is where they can manage and analyze all customer/prospect data – a repository for all the information that their sales team needs to be successful and a place where they can…
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Why Joy Is An Advertiser’s Best Friend

Why is it that we are so much more likely to keep watching a video that makes us smile? In the world of video advertising, joy is arguably the most important and influential emotion. Studies have shown that joy significantly impacts viewer engagement, video completion rate, message retention, brand recognition, purchase intent, and overall success…
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